Lucia, sweet Lucia !!


Lucia Lightroom-2

Meet Lucia  !!

Lucia is a sweet 7 year old girl who is waiting patiently for her forever home. She is diabetic, but can easily live a long and happy life as any other cat, as her diabetes is properly treated.

Diabetes is a common condition that affects humans, but can also affects domestic animals like cats and dogs. It can be caused by obesity, other diseases and medication. Genetics can also be a risk factor, and certain breeds of dogs  and cats are more susceptible (Dogs: Australian terriers, beagles and Samoyeds; Cats: Burmese) 

In some cases, a cat or a dog  could be required to receive daily doses of insulin and to be put on aspecial diet.

Lucia is currently on a low-calorie diet and receives insulin shots every morning.She is already used to it and won’t struggle to get treated.Other than that, she is very playful and loves chasing little toys around the shelter.





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