Spay & Neuter.

What ????



It’s Spring time, and that means lots of kittens arriving at the shelter. Last year an estimated 20 million kittens were born just in the Spring season alone here in the US. The “Kitten Season”, as it’s called,  stands for  the period when births peak, and happens twice a  year: Spring and Fall, with  the more intense kitten season occurring in the Spring.(1)

Although 13 million of the 20 million kittens come from free roaming cats (1), many kittens come from regular household surrendered  to animal shelters by their owners, others come from hoarding situations and many kittens are just found abandoned by their mothers.

Programs as Trap-Neuter-Return helps minimize the number of free roaming kittens, but pet owners  also can do their part, by spaying  and neuteirng their cats, and also keeping them indoors.

P.S. Many animal hospitals and clinics provide low cost spay/neuter services for feral cats and for low income owners of cats and dogs.




All photos taken with iPhone 6. Photos by Ruth Szwarcbart .All rights reserved.

References :

1 – Galiotos,  K. : “Kitten Season: Huge Numbers Pose Problems for Shelters”, Pet Smart Charities Blog.






Best Candidate !!

The best candidate in this election is Trump !!

Trump is a 2-year old male cat that wants to govern you household. “It will be wonderful”-he promises-“and I’ll make your home great again !!”

No, Trump is no GOP candidate ! He is just a sweet cat waiting for a loving home to call his own. I’m pretty sure you’ll approve of his ideas !!

Trump lightr I-


You can meet Trump and other candidates for adoption at Gifford Cat Shelter at


Dogs will be Dogs. Or Bikers ?

What do you expect to find in a Biker event? Motorcycles, bikers, food, beer…dogs? Last week while searching for some photos in my files, I came across with a Biker Photography event  back  in 2013 in New Jersey. 

This Russell Terrier seemed to be very well equipped for the event:

Dog B&W II

And this Bull Mastiff was certainly guarding his owner’s bike !!

mastiff wordpress

Not really! This guy was just a gentle soul !! Otherwise I would’t be here to tell this story !!

Welcome !!


Hello !! Welcome to Yellow Cat !!

I’m so excited to launch this new blog ! Hope you can embark  with me on this exciting journey. 

May I present you Rusty. This handsome cat is sitting patiently in the sun while waiting for his forever home. He is one of many rescued cats at Gifford Cat Shelter – a no kill shelter located in Brighton, very close to Boston, Massachusetts. Rusty is very well known by all volunteers as he is the first one to come greet us at the door! 

To know more about Rusty and other adoptable cats at Gifford you can call : 617-787 88 72