A Cat Called Crème Brûlée.

It was a beautiful hot summer morning. Singing birds crossed the clear blue sky, but we went straight through the door. We had a mission that day and nothing could distract us. 

Inside the shelter cattery, lots of excited children crammed all the available spaces between the cages wanting to see the kittens. Patiently we waited for all the children to leave. They had finished the kid’s program at the shelter and were visiting the cats. 

On the right corner of the cattery stood a cage with a litter of four small kittens. They had been found alone in a restaurant basement,  with no sight of their mother. The kittens  were brought to the shelter, treated for diseases, and after spayed and neutered they were released for adoption.

I’m not sure if they were found in a French restaurant, but the kittens  were given exquisite names of the French cusine: Crème Brulée, Pomme Frites, Quiche Lorraine and Cordon Bleu.

Our mission was a simple one – adopt a calm and mellow kitten that could get along with a cat we had in our household, but for some crazy reason we fell in love with the most  rambunctious, energetic and strong minded cat that ever existed in that shelter!

Crème Brulée was a little tiger!! Instead of a mellow and sweet kitten, we brought home a wild, stubborn and most opinionated little thing that would turn our lives completely upside-down.

Our first tentative to introduce Cody (of course we changed his name!) to Kitty, our other cat was a real disaster, with growling, hissing and some kind of attempet to murder, but after 2 weeks their existence together seemed to start improving little by little.

We were not really sure if  Cody was from another species or some kind of alien from another planet. Maybe he was a kangaroo, for his crazy high jumps out of the blue, or if he was some kind of spider from some unknown lost continent. I was not sure why my husband nick-named him Spider Cat!



Ever since that day back in the shelter, there has never been a day like the other with  Crème Brulée (oopss !! Cody !!). We have so many stories, so many adventures to tell !!




The fact is that we love this stubborn, rambunctious and crazy cat to death and he has been a real  blessing to our lives !!





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