About the Photographer:
Hi, my  name is Ruth Szwarcbart, I’m the artist behind the camera at Yellow Cat Photography. Since I was a child I’ve loved nature and animals. I grew up surrounded by   all kinds of animals – from cats to dogs, from parakeets to turtles, I always had companions in my life. As an animal lover I understand that pets are not just pets: they are really part of our family! Nowadays, my family shares our home with two adorable cats: Cody and Kitty.
I have also worked and volunteered in Nature Centers, Animal Clinics, and Animal Shelters. I have experience working with all kinds of animals, whether they’re shy, fearful, playful, or just goofy, and learned that with love and patience we can truly understand  the nature and essence of their souls.
 I always loved photographing nature and traveling, and one day I decided to take pictures of cats for adoption at the shelter. To learn more, I started studying  Photography, first in NJ and later in Boston at NESOP (New England School of Photography) in order to follow my passion.
My pleasure is capturing the joy and spirit of all the fur and feather companions that I work with and translate into beautiful memories for their owners to treasure.
 I would love to meet your special friend, so please contact me if you’re interested in scheduling a session.

About the Blog:
Why a Blog instead a Website? – The idea behind the blog is to share not only those precious moments of owners and their companions, but also a story behind each picture.
In this blog I also would like to share the amazing stories about rescued dogs and cats that I find in the shelter. I found that  it’s important to give back, so every week I dedicate some time volunteering at the Gifford Cat Shelter here in Boston.

 Contact :

For more information and to schedule a photo session, contact-me directly at photography.ruth@gmail.com

 I would love to hear from you!